A kind business with MMM: organizing children’s events


The MMM Community pays every participant high monthly interest rate based on their Provide Help sums and gives them a chance to start their own business. Though many are scared by a word “business”.

You shouldn’t be afraid. There are many ways to organize business easily. Recently, we have already written how to easily open your own home kindergarten. Thus you do good, helping others at the same time, and develop your business, earning a reasonable income. Today we will talk about one more kind and easy business. 

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A kind business with MMM: we create a home-based kindergarten


Most people dream of stopping working for their bosses and start their own businesses. The MMM Community gives this chance to everyone. In some people’s view, a business should necessarily include trading, “fuss” on the bond markets and fierce competition.

However, this is not the case. If you want to deal with trading, it isn’t necessary to open your own store. There are also other business ideas which will be very beneficial for you and those around you.

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MMM News Digest — 02/10/2017


Dear friends! We warmly welcome you, wish you success and prosperity! We want to express our gratitude for the loyalty to our common goal! MMM becomes stronger and more stable. The things are going excellent! We will surely reach our goal, and build a new fair world for ordinary people! Nobody will hinder us!

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MMM News Digest — 25/09/2017


Hello, dear participants! As usual, we wish each of you goodness and a positive mood! We want to say thank you for your loyalty to our Community. With you, MMM is growing actively and stably, we will never stop at that, and over time we will unite the whole world in MMM!

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