MMM Presentation at 1 Alan Paton -Pietermaritzburg | MMM South Africa (04 June 2017)


MMM guider Nokuthula Angel Ntuli organized an opportunity presentation she hosted at 1 Alan Paton Avenue hall in Pietermaritzburg. This presentation was aimed at sharing the ideology and to let old members know that MMM is back , strong and paying.
Guider Nokuthula explained the ideology and how the system works in connecting people.This donation exchange program originated from Russia and the brains behind this ideology is Sergey Mavrodi the Russian mathematician and computer programer. MMM was created so as a way to destroy these unjust financial systems. The banks are benefit in this for the services they offer at a high cost. MMM is trying to say to you and me why let someone benefit from us when we can do it among ourselves.
MMM offers 30% growth monthly on all mavros acquired. The 30% is compulsory to every participant who has a successful contribution. She encouraged them to share this ideology once they are out there.
Walala wasala!!!


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