МММ SA Introduces Procedure for Release of 'Mavro-2016-Contributions'


Dear participants:

MMM SA is coming back to normal work. Current Mavros are being paid in full amount, and you know it perfectly. However, now we offer even more options to pay off the old Mavros.

Therefore, since now participants will get their old Mavros released (which appear in PO as "Mavro-2016-Contributions" or “order nominal”) in the amount of 10% of the new PH request.

It means if you provide help in the amount of 2,000 ZAR, you will have 200 ZAR of your old Mavros released.

Nevertheless, the release of old Mavros (‘Mavro-2016-Contributions’) will be carried out following the “new” money rule. “New” money will be calculated since the day of publication of this news.

Let’s explain this using an example. Let’s imagine, on the 30th of June, a participant withdrew 1,000 rands, and, on the 1st of July, he provided help in the amount of 3,000 rands. Therefore, Mavros-2016 will be released for the amount of 200 rands (10% of the difference between the amount of provided and received help).

Best regards, Administration.