MMM Presentation in Durban | MMM South Africa ( 25 November 2016)


Sizwe invited a sizeable number of guests for a presentation. This was done indoors. The presentation was kick started with a prayer.
Sizwe emphasised that MMM was not a bank but a community of people helping each other. Mmm frees people from financial bondages. He said in MMM registration was free. After registering and declaring your intention to provide help one's account was credited with 30% growth rate of mavros (internal currency). Also members had the opportunity to become managers after doing a 10 day online course. One had to have access to internet because the course was done online through skype.when one became a manager then one could apply for offline funding to do presentations. One learnt at his own pace. He said MMM was good because it wanted everyone to be financial independent. He briefly explained the abbreviation MMM and how it began.
Together we can do a lot!