MMM Presentation at Woodlands Hall-Pietermaritzburg|MMM South Africa (24 December 2016)


I present MMM to you ,MMM is the future and together let us make this happen. A man named Sergey Mavrodi brought this ideology to us . He is the founder and the leader of this MMM community founded in 2011 in Moscow Russia explained guider Mhleli Nhlanhla Tshabangu in a presentation he hosted in Woodlands community hall.
In MMM dreams are realized and revived. Once you join the community you have enough time in your hands to do what you want, more money in your pocket as your provide help you get back more than you helped with. There is 30% interest on every mavros rewarded to you fopr your contributions. Moreover,  there is 10% on every successful contribution made by those you invited to the community. MMM also offers online training for those willing to lead and grow the community. MMM pays and you will never go wrong in making the decision to join us today. 
On his closing remarks he emphasized the importance of donating with spare money.
We change the world!!!