MMM Presentation at Wiggins Community Hall-Durban|MMM South Africa (17 December 2016)


MMM continue changing people’s lives here in South Africa. In an opportunity presentation  held at Wiggins Community Hall ,guider Sane Dlamini shares the ideology of MMM and how the system works.
She took the attendees through the details of the registration process. The requirements for this page are name, email address,phone number,referral link of the person who invited you and their guiders email and phone number.. Once it reads success it means you are able to log in and start to familiarize yourself with your personal office(PO). MMM gives you the opportunity to manage this office.
She emphasized the importance of keeping their password safely and making sure that they participate with spare money. Spare money is money that you do not want to use urgently. She cautioned them not to ignore the don’ts of MM as they keep you safe and on track every time.
On her closing statement she encourage them to join the community and to those already in to invite more.
Phambili ngo MMM!!