MMM Presentation at Umlazi-Durban|MMM South Africa (17 December 2016)


Together we change the world thus the MMM motto! Why do we want to change the world? Our financial systems are not working in our favor. It only favors the rich to get richer everyday while we get poorer. The little an average person earns is taxed, charged of every transaction until one is left with nothing. To survive you have to go back to the banks or loan sharks to keep up with the life's demands. Is that fair? The above statement was said by guider of MMM Sandile Miya on a presentation held at Umlazi in Durban. 
He told the attendees that MMM has come to rescue us from those financial bonds. MMM has taught us how the banks and all financial sectors work which is something we were not aware of. MMM teaches us that whatever the financial institutes made us believe in is not the truth but a lie so that they can benefit from our hard earned money. He told them that MMM is a better way and take the chance to liberate yourselves.
Questions were asked and answered fully by guider Sandile Miya.
Together we can do a lot!