MMM Presentation at Turncroft-Durban|MMM South Africa (27 November 2016)


Speaking to the attendees in Turncroft -Durban MMM guider Waseem Omar emphasized the importance of contributing only spare money in MMM. This MMM is not a get rich quick scheme nor a HYIP. MMM is a community of people selflessly helping each other out of kindness. MMM collets no money or limits its participants on their contributions.
Sergey Mavrodi is the founder  and leader of this MMM community. He came up with this ideology so he can help people donate to each other directly eliminating the banks to benefit from nowhere. What the banks benefit from our money we benefit it. MMM is a here to help us as South Africans alleviate poverty in our lives.
He encouraged the attendees to grab the opportunity presented them and take a step to freeing themselves financially. Since MMM came to South Africa last year, a lot of families have been liberated financially. Letus join this community not only to benefit ourselves but to see everyone financially independent.
Together we can change the world!!
Long live MMM!!