MMM Presentation at Turncroft-Durban|MMM South Africa (11 December 2016)


Another MMM opportunity presentation organized by guider Waseem Omar aimed at spreading the news on MMM ideology and bringing more people to the community.MMM is not only here for us to grow our money but also to help us free ourselves from financial slavery he explained on his opening statement.
There are no ghes without phes in MMM. MMM does not issue loans and it is not an investment or a HYIP. MMM is not a bank and  does not have a central account  where its participants deposit their money. MMM Participants donate directly to each other and they earn Mavros growth on their contributions.
He went on and explained what Mavros were in MMM. The internal currency of the MMM system. Once you make a contribution, you will be credited with mavros in your MMM PO. Every individual manages his/her account  so one can keep track of every activity.
On closing he urged them to invite more and those new to join this wonderful community.
MMM pays always!!