MMM Presentation at KwaXimba-Durban|MMM South Africa (04 December 2016)


This MMM opportunity presentation was organized by guider Sibusiso Zikalala at KwaXimba in Durban. It was aimed at educating participants on the ideology of MMM that is the foundations of this MMM system.
He explained in detail first on the founder and leader of MMM Sergey Mavrodi of Moscow Russia. Sergey Mavrodi created this system so that together we can free ourselves from financial slavery. On seeing that this current financial system is unjust and only benefits the rich and the poor getting more poorer ,thus he came up with a strategy to free people from this unjust system.
He went on and explained to them how the MMM system works. It is a donation exchange platform and only connect the donor to the receiver who needs help at that moment. MMM does not collect money from its participants nor it is a bank. It does not even have a central account but allows its participants to donate directly to each other.
Before ending the presentation he briefed them on how to operate their POs, from logging onto the ph and gh process.He encouraged them to join and go out there to invite others to this community.
Long live MMM!!