MMM Presentation at Kwapata Secondary School-Pietermaritzburg|MMM South Africa (24 November 2016)


This opportunity presentation was organized by MMM guider Thokozani Zondi and it was held at Kwapata Secondary School in Pietermaritzburg. The purpose of this presentation was to educate the attendees on the basics of the MMM ideology.
She took them through the ideology first and explaining why it was created by its founder Sergey Mavrodi of Moscow in Russia. He wanted to create a free and fair financial world order. MMM is not an investment scheme or a bank. It is founded on the principle of kindness and the willingness to give. MMM is a donation exchange where participants simply help each other through these donations. 
She went on and explained the advantages of joining this MMM community. There are incentives for every work contributed in the community. For example if you donate to others you are rewarded with Mavros the internal currency of the MMM system. If you are a member  and work hard to bring others you will earn more bonuses. This helps speed the growth of your reward in Mavros which grows 30% per month.
On her closing remarks she urged them to join and be part of this movement.
Together we can do more!!
MMM for life!!