MMM Presentation at Kwapata Secondary School|MMM South Africa (02 December 2016)


MMM stands for Mavrodi Mondial Movement, founded by Sergey Mavrodi of Moscow Russia in 2011. MMM is a mutual aid donation exchange platform ,whereby participants donate directly to each other. MMM has helped me become financially independent and it can help you too. The above statement came from MMM guider Thokozani Zondi at an MMM opportunity presentation she held at kwapata Secondary School.
She touched the brief history of MMM and its founder stating that his aim is to help people become financially independent. He wants to help us alleviate poverty in our lives and communities.
She went on and explained the ideology and how the system works. This system connects the donor to the receiver. The first step is to give so as it may be given to you with the 30% added to what you contributed. 
MMM wants you to live the life you dream of and good people i urge you to take this opportunity that has come to you. 
Phambili ngo MMM!!!