MMM Presentation at East London-Eastern Cape|MMM South Africa (10 December 2016)


MMM guider Noma took the attendees through the brief history of MMM and all the reasons it was created for. Mainly to create a free and fair financial world order. Our financial systems have led us to believe that our money is only safe in the banks and only them are licensed to distribute money. She told them that MMM is that awakening call for us to know that we have been led to believe a lie.
MMM is a mutual aid donation exchange platform where money is distributed in transparency and both parties are left satisfied. You donate to your fellow South Africans with your spare money. She went on and emphasized the importance of participating with spare money. It is the money you will want to use later and that you are willing to let go as free will giving. There are no guarantees or and registration fees. 
She encouraged them to join the community and start earning 30% on their contributions to the community.
Viva MMM!!!