MMM Presentation at Dududu J.P School-KZN|MMM South Africa (22 December 2016)


Guider Phumzile Hlongwane held a presentation at Dududu J.P School in Kwazulu Natal.This presentation was organized so she can reach out with the ideology of MMM.She took them through all the channels of MMM until you can get help. All the processes were shared in detail and also demonstrations on screen from the projector.
Sergey Mavrodi founder and leader of MMM not only brought us this system , he also introduced us to bitcoins the internet currency(cryptocurrency). Bitcoins a flexible,easy to transact and very secure.Bitcoins are not owned by anyone but they are open to those who want to buy them. 
MMM offers a lot of opportunities to its members, free online training school to those who want to be guiders and leaders of the community. Guiders earn motivational bonuses(leader bonuses) beside referral bonuses that everyone who invite gets them once the ph is a success.
Long Live MMM!!!