MMM Presentation at Diakonia Centre-Durban|MMM South Africa (25 November 2016)


MMM guider Mhlonipheni revisited the community of Durban at a presentation held at Diakonia Centre. He first briefed those new on the ideology of MMM. To take part in MMM the key is mastering the ideology. Once you have a better understanding of this you will participate knowingly what you are doing. MMM is has helped millions of its participants donate billions of dollars directly to each other and willingly. 
He shared on how it started in 2011 and has survived till up to date. It has seen millions of people become financially independent through its donations. It rewards its participants for their contributions with Mavros that grow 30% monthly. Mavros can be converted to any currency of the country you are doing MMM in. There are a lot of more bonuses to earn to those who are willing to take part in growing this community.
He went on and encouraged old members to help impart the ideology to those new.
MMM always pays!!