MMM Presentation at Ashdown Municipal Hall-Pietermaritzburg|MMM South Africa (23 December 2016)


The sooner people realize that MMM is here to help us the better. MMM is the future financially and if we all put our heads together and join this movement, it won't be a long walk to financial independence. MMM guider Ntuthuko shared these word with those who attended this presentation in Pietermaritzburg Ashdown Municipal Hall.
To understand MMM you have to understand the ideology first and the aim its founder has. Born in 1955 in Russia, Sergey Mavrodi founded MMM in 2011. Since then MMM has spread across the world. MMM has kept its word on the ideology and has proven to be the best and reliable platform online.It has revived and realised many lost dreams and as for me guider Ntuthuko i say, “hats off Segey Mavrodi!”
MMM offers 30% interest on all mavros rewarded to those who have made sucessful contributions. 
Long live MMM!!