MMM Presentation at Ashdown Municipal Hall-Pietermaritzburg|MMM South Africa (03 December 2016)


MMM news is spreading in South Africa and it has become the norm in all corners. MMM guider Ntuthuko organized this presentation to encourage old participants to keep to keep on the ph spirit so and impart it on the new participant. In MMM we donate with only spare money and when donating the person you donate to does not mean they owe you. We are helping each other financially and there are no guarantees in all we do. We are simply empowering each other financially.
He went and shared the benefits of joining this community. Once you invite someone in the community you are rewarded with ten percent mavros of the contribution made by the invited. MMM offers free online training for those willing to lead and grow the community. Those ean leader bonuses from every contributions made by those under their structures. A lot of opportunities are there in MMM to help you realise and revive your dreams.
He ended the presentation urging them to grab this opportunity presented to them.
Viva MMM!!!