MMM Opportunity Presentation at KwaXimba, Durban | MMM south Africa (20 November 2016)


MMM is a social voluntary network that connects the one who wants to donate and the one who receives. MMM has spread its wings in many parts of South Africa since 2015. The presenter Guider Sibusiso Martin  Zikalala explained that MMM is meant to create a fair financial order. 
He further explained about growth of mavros ( for example in this case from  21 October) as soon as mavros are confirmed stops. This was implemented to make the system be more stable. This means Mavros will be ready to withdraw. This measure was introduced so that members do not keep mavros in the system but can withdraw when they are ready to withdraw Also this is meant to create balances between provide help and get help. This implementation is also meant to create a GH queue and the system does not stall. 
MMM together we can. Long Live Sergey Mavrodi.