MMM Opportunity Presentation at Eastern Cape| MMM South Africa (25 November 2016)


MMM is a community of people who help each other. Guider Noma took MMM to another level. The idea was to spread the gospel of MMM no matter where you are. 
Guider Noma talked about the ideology of MMM to guests indoors a house. She highlighted some benefits one gets from joining MMM. she talked about the 30% growth rate one got from providing help to someone. The 30% was given after 30 days meaning it is 1% every day. She also mentioned a 5% referral bonus. MMM gives people opportunities to be managers/guiders. This is done online. She also articulated the usage of bitcoins in MMM to provide help to people globally .e.g in Nigeria. She also explained that doing presentations like she is doing helps in marketing and casting the net wider in terms of recruitment purposes. MMM removes people from the doldrums of poverty.
Viva MMM! Viva!