MMM offline Presentation at Evulamehlo Creche, Pietemaritzburg | MMM South Africa (19 November 2016)


Guider Siboniso Cele kick started his presentation by introducing himself to guests who had gathered at Evulamehlo Crèche.
 He articulated that MMM is a global community of donation exchange and it is a social network which matches the one who wants to donate with the one who wants to give help. Participants transfer directly to each other. In MMM there was no central account.  There was peer to peer donation.
MMM was started as a project in 2011 by Sergey Mavrodi in Russia to create a new financial order and  help people be financially independent there by not depending on banks. MMM has been in existence for 5 years with well over $ 5 billion assistance provided in many countries it operates in.  MMM is a technical program which helps people in the world. When you willingly donate your account is credited with mavros which is an internal currency in the system. The account is then credited every Tuesday and Thursday. You get 30% growth rate of your mavros every month as a benefit. Besides this one gets registration bonus of $20, $50 and $100 depending on your first Provide Help in the system. In MMM one can also use digital currency through bitcoins. All the transactions are done on the internet and no use of cards and banks. You can open your account in blockchain. Siboniso said this was like an internet bank.
 Viva MMM!!!