Community Members Survey – MMM South Africa


It is our ardent desire to extend the best support to all our the members in South Africa. Thus, we are requesting you to answer few questions in this survey. Truthful answers will ensure that the purpose of this survey will be achieved. We will know each other better. And we will be able to work more productively and everyone will benefit from it.


It is very important to participate in the survey. Please answer the questions and ask your referrals to take part too. Share the link of the survey to your friends on Facebook, WhatsApp, Email, etc!


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Dear friends,
We are strarting our series of interview with the most active and enthusiastic Team Captains. And today we have our Team "Mighty Winners" from South Africa. A lot of smiles and positive attitude are waiting for you in this video. Just have a look)))


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Dear friends!

Let us remind you that now the MMM community is holding "Good Deed Contest". We call on all participants to be more active, as kindness and honesty are the most important components of our ideology. You need to take a photo or video of any act of kindness committed by you, and fill in the form at http://goo.gl/forms/QB1FCv6YLJ Participants will be awarded with prizes for the best photos and videos. The total prize fund is $ 5000!
It is important to remember that the purpose of the MMM community is not wealth .......

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Dear participants!

There is a serious problem. Many would like to participate in MMM but they, let’s say, don’t have the internet. Or they are just too lazy to understand and deal with all this. With all these assignments and so on. What if it could be like this: you transfer money and then you simply get it with interest. No bothering about anything. :-))
So for this kind of participants who have no internet (or just for the lazy ones :-)), institution of Trustees and Trustors has been created. (Any caprice, as they say! :-))
Any participant of MMM can entrust his/her manager the PO managing.......

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MMM Global Captains Meeting


We have officially started our team competition on 21st of May. And for the first time this competition is organized between teams from all structures at once.  Now we have teams from India, South Africa, Philippines. And all of these teams are eager to win, to beat their competitors and win the prizes.  We are conducting this competition in order to grow the team spirit among our participants and in order to boost the development of MMM globally. 
Now there are no limits for you  to achieve the success. Just invite people, make your structures bigger and win the significant prizes!

Let us present the competing teams:

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